Most companies are checking driving licences but we still come across companies not checking them and taking the word of their employees. With the financial pressure people are under there is a risk that if they lose their licence, they might not tell you.

If you employ drivers for your business, you need to regularly check that they are entitled to drive. Managing a fleet has many responsibilities and you must keep on top of these administrative tasks.

In this post, we will look at driving licence checks and explain why you need to check them regularly.

Companies with small fleets often use the DVLA web site to confirm the validity and current status of their employees’ driving licences. By running your drivers’ licences through this system, you can check if those licences are valid and whether they have any penalty points. For drivers with clean records, an annual check should be sufficient. If the driver is deemed to be more high risk, frequency should be increased to bi-annually, quarterly or even monthly.

Are driving licence checks really necessary?

If a driver works for you, causes a serious crash and it is found that they don’t have a valid driving licence the company and its directors could be held liable for the health and safety breach and be subject to fines and imprisonment.

Make licence checking a part of your company’s standard procedures and have a system in place so you can demonstrate compliance. It is not uncommon for people to fail to disclose penalty points to an employer, either from the outset or if they incur them later. In some cases, even honest drivers can be unaware that they have points.

Making driving licence checks simpler.

Administration is rarely a fun task, but there are some modern tools to make it easier with drivers giving you their permission, electronically, to check their licence regularly.

Without these systems, it can be difficult to maintain oversight of your fleet. With suitable software you can make it easier and keep on top of your legal obligations.

Final thoughts

Checking regularly reduces the risk to your business and helps keep our roads safer. Check your employees’ licences at least once a year to avoid the risk of a driver being on the road without a valid licence.


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