On Road Driver Training Courses

Gold Standard Driver Training Courses

Our driver training is exceptional with our professional, consistent and friendly approach. We have developed a true “coaching” style to our service ensuring clients feel at ease and gain maximum benefit.

We have carefully selected and trained our expert team to deliver consistent and professional courses.

We believe that this approach and our commitment to quality, health and safety and the environment delivers a service way beyond our competitors as evidenced by our client’s feedback.

En-route Van and LGV Training Courses

Ignition can often train your drivers whilst they go about their daily work, which means:

  • Their training is in their usual vehicle on their usual routes
  • It’s in the ‘real world’ not a driver training ‘bubble’
  • We can work with them to reduce risk in all their duties (loading/unloading etc) not just driving
  • Every driver receives a practical understanding of what fleet risk management is about, which builds their engagement
  • There’s no detriment to your business: no lost time, no cost of cover, no missed deliveries and no vehicles sat idle whilst your drivers are elsewhere. It’s the perfect van and LGV driver training solution.

Half Day Driver Training Courses

Our 1-1 half day driver training course can be tailored to your requirements and include training on your company policy and procedures.  It forms an ideal part of induction training or refresher training and has the following aims:

  1. Impress upon the driver the importance of safety while driving.
  2. Ensure that the driver has the right knowledge about policies and procedures to carry out their role safely and in compliance.
  3. Identify areas of weakness in driver knowledge and provide that knowledge.
  4. To assess their driving, give feedback to the driver on the areas of strength and weakness.
  5. Within the time allowed coach the driver on areas of weakness to improve their driving.
  6. Identify areas for further driver development.
  7. To provide a comprehensive report on the results retaining that information as a record for future reference and evidence of duty of care compliance.

On-Road EV Training

The aim of the course is to help drivers transition to electric vehicles safely, to understand the handling characteristics of electric vehicles and provide all the practical advice and guidance they need.

The on-road familiarisation includes:

  • Vehicle controls.
  • Displays specific to EV’s.
  • EV driving characteristics and pedestrian safety.
  • Maintaining charge while driving.
  • Regeneration of battery charge and we visit a charging point.

Prior to the course we conduct a vehicle check and driver eyesight and licence check.

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    Driver Training Courses – Minibus

    For our minibus driver training courses Ignition trainers will advise on the whole role – not just the driving elements of it.
    We’ll cover:

    • Your drivers’ responsibilities to passengers
    • Seatbelt and mobile phone law
    • The limits of your drivers’ responsibility

    Start reducing your organisation’s exposure to road risk with Ignition’s driver training courses.

    Caron Wright

    Group Learning and Development Manager – Regatta

    “We appointed Ignition as our driver training provider in January 2015. Our staff have found the training very useful and the trainers have a very friendly training style. The organisation of the training has been great, they couldn’t have been more helpful and I really enjoy working with Ignition knowing that they will provide a friendly, professional and informative course. Ignition designed a van driver induction course specifically for us and it has been very well received.”

    Bruce Broughton

    People Development Manager – Lovell Partnership

    “We have also had excellent feedback from our drivers undertaking the on to one on road driver coaching. Overall a great project delivered in a professional and timely manner form a company providing a great service. I would highly recommend them.”