Ignition RM is AXA’s bespoke fleet risk management partner, enhancing driver safety, compliance and peace of mind.

Why use Ignition?

Ignition’s system uses innovative, user-friendly technology to deliver efficient, effective risk assessment and duty of care compliance bespoke to your requirements.

Integrated DVLA licence and Grey Fleet checks keeps all the administration in one place, making sure nothing is overlooked and ensuring duty of care compliance. We help make sure your systems are robust enough to protect your investment and prevent incidents on the road.

You will also have access to a range of interactive, accessible e-learning modules and bespoke video production for critical areas of driver safety training. Our training videos are concise and uncomplicated to ensure the essential concepts are easy to understand, and our true coaching approach to driver training ensures that drivers feel at ease and gain maximum benefit.

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Benefits of Ignition:

  • Ensures drivers are entitled to drive, including Grey Fleet checks, tax, MOT and business use insurance.
  • Reduces accident rates by making sure all drivers are compliant and up to date on training.
  • Identifies high-risk drivers and provides training tailored to their needs to stay safe and reduce risk.
  • Manages and provides evidence of duty of care taking the stress out of demonstrating compliance.

Services offered by Ignition

Ignition offers a complete fleet risk management package, giving you the tools and functionality to manage your duty of care compliance and protect your investment.

Ignition provides:

  • Bespoke online driver risk profiling to identify high risk drivers.
  • Tailored and bespoke e-learning to fill driver skill gaps.
  • Face-to-face driver training to maintain awareness of safe driving and improve skills.
  • Integrated licence and Grey Fleet checks to keep essential compliance and administration in one place.
  • Fleet risk management consultancy to provide expert advice and support.

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    E-learning example: Highway Code Update

    Our suite of e-learning videos are maintained up to date with changes in legislation, rules and road safety guidance. Here you can see an example of part of Ignition’s e-learning video produced to reflect the Highway Code update in 2022:

    ISO 45001 with cert number