Client Testimonials

Our clients and partners trust Ignition to deliver the highest standards of service in developing and implementing fleet risk management systems and driver training courses. They trust us to comply with all national and international standards. And they trust us to protect them from fleet risk. Take a look at our testimonials to find out what our clients have to say about us and about how Ignition has helped them deliver better fleet risk management. Then contact us and let us do the same for you.


Daniel Mc Guigan : ESSA Fleet And Logistics EHS Manager.

PepsiCo employees operate approximately 11,000 road vehicles every day across Europe and Sub Saharan Africa.  We recognise that it is our responsibility to ensure the health safety and wellbeing of all our people and anyone who may be affected by our activities, including occupational driving.  We wanted to complement our existing Fleet EHS Program with an engaging and informative package highlighting the risk that our road transport operations present to vulnerable road users.  We wanted our drivers to be aware of how their actions can impact the communities in which we work and to be aware of how they can reduce the risk by following our defensive driving rules. We worked closely with Ignition to tailor the package to our exact needs including the incorporation of voice overs and subtitles in multiple languages.  Ignition have been a valuable partner in developing a bespoke, high quality package that has been received exceptionally well by our Fleet and EHS Teams across the Sector. I look forward to working together with Ignition on further occupational road risk reduction programmes in the future.

Sam Seddigh : HR & Compliance Manager

Tanvic have a fleet of over 150 drivers and we started working with Ignition in 2017 to tailor and implement their on-line driver risk assessment system. We worked closely with Ignition to design a system specifically to address the risk faced by our drivers and to provide e-learning on our policies, procedures and driving skills. The system is easy to use, and Ignition have been very helpful guiding us through the implementation of the system and providing ongoing support. We have been delighted with the system, they are great to work with and the service from Ignition has been excellent. I would highly recommend them.

Bruce Broughton : People Development Manager

Lovell Partnerships Ltd have approximately 500 drivers doing significant business mileage based across the UK. We appointed Ignition in February 2019 to deliver driver training seminars, on-road driver coaching and provide driver training e-learning modules to incorporate into our learning management system. Ignition liaised directly with our drivers to arrange one to one driver coaching and the organisation of the seminars and on-road driver training has been excellent. We conducted an initial seminar, made a few changes to meet our requirements and rolled the seminar out to several our offices across the country. The feedback has been outstanding. The trainers delivering the seminars were very professional, very knowledgeable and because of their experience and expertise they delivered a hard hitting while fun and engaging course, quite difficult to do with a practical skill in a classroom.

We have also had excellent feedback from our drivers undertaking the on to one on road driver coaching.

Overall a great project delivered in a professional and timely manner form a company providing a great service. I would highly recommend them.

Adam Hailes : Fleet Operations Manager

“The customer service has been excellent, nothing is too much trouble and we would highly recommend them.”

Sandra Denney : HR Manager

“We first started to use Ignition in 2015, when it became apparent that there was a requirement for training that could be completed at times convenient to the driver. The Ignition solution fitted well within our business needs. Ignition has, from day one, always provided us with the best service and ensured that the system fits with all our training requirements. Ignition has provided excellent customer service liaising directly with our staff to arrange on-road training and providing a first class help desk service for any queries. Ignition have always given us the best service so when our contract expired with another licence checking service, it seemed the logical approach to appoint Ignition to carry out this process also, enabling all our projects to remain under one umbrella. The drivers who have undertaken the on-road training have given positive feedback about the training and the skills they have adopted for their future driving. We have also been able to use their on-line system for other areas of training and risk assessment including Display Screen Equipment. Ignition is an excellent company to work with, offer great customer service and always go the extra mile”.

Stephen Jackson : Head Of Plant And Transport

“In 2017 we had a trial of Ignition’s on-road driver training and we were delighted with the coaching style and the approach that their trainers took. We work with Ignition to minimise our on-road incidents by providing training to our drivers including Car, van and LGV drivers. Ignition provide excellent customer service and we have had great feedback from our drivers”.

Stuart Collett : Fleet Manager

Ignition Risk Management provide a first-class service through their on-road driver assessment and training, and their reports and debriefs are always carried out promptly. We’re very pleased with the service they give.

Angus Lindsay : Group Head Of Assets And Fleet

In an effort to become more proactive in the field of risk management and address rising motor insurance costs, idverde appointed Ignition last year to develop a bespoke driver risk assessment training package for our commercial vehicle and company car drivers. The QHSE and fleet team worked with Ignition to develop bespoke modules to address the specific safety issues that we face in our day to day operations around vehicle driving, towing and loading/unloading. The system allows us to train at a local level, around 1800 drivers and associated operators spread across 60 sites with a company focussed and easy to use risk management driver training system. The production of the modules included live filming at our depots to show how to approach and manage the critical safety and compliance issues. The system integrates licence checking and risk management with a single database making it easy to maintain and update with employee changes. We have been impressed with the way the system has been designed to focus on our business and tailored to address the issues we face, of particular benefit is interaction with our existing procedures and the interactive questions at the end of each video. We look forward to a reduction in the frequency of minor accidents and incidents and the associated insurance costs as a result of this.

Greg Crofts : Health, Safety And Compliance Manager

We appointed Ignition in April 2016 to develop a bespoke driver risk assessment for our LGV and company car drivers. Ignition designed and produced a bespoke on-line module for our LGV HIAB drivers to help train them in our key safety procedures. The module included 3D animation and live recording at one of our branches which was incorporated as a bespoke training module into the Ignition risk assessment system. We have been delighted with the system, in particular, the ability to incorporate bespoke modules, questions and risk assessment logic and have different driver groups making the system relevant to each driver. The system is a very cost-effective solution giving us a superb system for managing our on-road risk with integrated licence checking. We have been delighted with the project management and customer service and the system was implemented to meet our timescales.

Ian Lockton : Health, Safety & Environmental Manager

Ignition has helped us to refresh our driver management programme by centralising a lot of the admin tasks around driving at work, increasing awareness in several aspects of driver safety & behaviour, and gaining employee buy-in to our policies & procedures. Our higher risk drivers enjoyed their in-car coaching courses with Ignition. They found that the individual critiques of their driving style added a lot of personal benefit.  It is an excellent on-road driver coaching course nothing like taking a driving test – bearing in mind that the last time some of our drivers had any driver training was in the 1970/80’s.

Stephen Brown : Health And Safety Manager

Wyevale appointed Ignition in February 2016, since appointing them we have been extremely impressed with the system and the way it has been able to incorporate bespoke modules specifically for our different types of drivers. It has provided us a very cost effective solution with a superb system for managing our on-road risk including integrated licence checking and providing a simple solution to manage “Grey Fleet” driver checks. The project management and customer service has been excellent and the system has been very quickly implemented to enable us to meet our deadlines. The roll out to the drivers has been very smooth and it has been very well received by our staff at all levels.

Lyn Cunningham : Fleet

Thank you for making our implementation of your product seamless, your communication with regards to the contents of the package was comprehensive and we knew what we were getting right from the onset.  I found the weekly contact whilst in design stage of utmost importance to tailor the product to our companies needs giving us the knowledge that the overall package is exactly what we need to assist us in managing risk within our fleet. It is always reassuring to know that the follow up and support continues with the same enthusiasm once implementation has taken place and welcome the continuation of this, it has been a pleasure working with Ignition during the initial stages and look forward to sharing our results with you over the coming years.

Rhiain Liquorish : Health & Safety Manager

Ignition RM has provided an easy but effective way of assessing the risks facing our company car drivers. The software has enabled us to provide comprehensive training to drivers in bite sized modules without being too time consuming. We’ve had nothing but good feedback from all users of the system which is always a good sign for me!

Dean Godfrey : Head Of Environmental, Health And Safety

I appointed Ignition in April 2015 to design and implement their driver risk assessment system. I had worked with previous systems and the advantage the Ignition system offered was that I was able to tailor the system to our policies and procedures. We worked with Ignition to develop a number of bespoke modules to train our drivers on specific areas we wanted to cover and the system allows us to test the driver’s knowledge and demonstrate our duty of care compliance. Because we were able to work with Ignition to design the system our drivers found the system far more engaging than a standard off the shelf systems. Ignition has implemented a very successful, bespoke, cost effective and engaging system. A highly professional company with excellent customer service.

Vijay Patel : Facilities And Procurement Manager

I have known Ignition since 2014 and they have implement the fleet risk management system  for our head office site. We have over 25 commercial vehicles and approx. 40 company cars with a small logistics team. Ignition has designed and installed a bespoke package to meet our business requirements for both H&S and compliance reasons. This package is easily managed and has adapted well for all the users who have direct responsibilities in managing the logistics department. It is very cost effective and support and service  has been exceptional. I recommend Ignition to any businesses who may feel they need a system to ease time and save costs for their businesses.


Stewart Reid : Manager of HSEQ

Natural Power operates its renewables consultancy business throughout the UK and Ireland, covering a large number of offices and sites. We wanted to provide an extra layer of protection to our employees when out driving on business. Ignition RM provided the perfect fit to deliver what we wanted. With positive feedback from all levels within the company, I can honestly say that that the team at Ignition were very professional and extremely efficient form start to finish.

Sarah Morgan : Business Support

We have worked with Ignition since September 2014 to implement a driver risk assessment, driver training and DVLA licence check system. Ignition developed a system tailored specifically to our policies and procedures and developed bespoke modules to address the specific risks faced by our drivers. We have been very pleased with the system and the service provided by Ignition and can see how this system will adapt to our changing needs over the coming years”.

Anita Damron : Regional Growth Manager

We appointed Ignition in January 2015 to conduct driver risk assessments for our 900 engineers. We had a very tight timescale and Ignition managed the project very professionally and ensured I was kept up to date with progress and updated plans. The great thing about the system is that it very easily tailored giving me a system that is a DYNO system and not a generic risk assessment. The questions and logic in the assessment were agreed between us and all the on-line training modules were branded for DYNO. Ignition developed tailored management reports to provide the information we needed and produced an excellent video for our annual conference to launch the program to our staff. In October 2015 we reported our lowest ever incident rate across our franchise network. Ignition has been great to work with and I am delighted with the system.

Caron Wright : Group Learning And Development Manager

We appointed Ignition as our driver training provider in January 2015. Our staff have found the training very useful and the trainers have a very friendly training style. The organisation of the training has been great, they couldn’t have been more helpful and I really enjoy working with Ignition knowing that they will provide a friendly, professional and informative course. They have designed a van driver induction course specifically for us and it has been very well received.

Colin Marriott : General Manager Fleet

Ignition designed a video training program for our van drivers highlighting the risks to cyclist, what drivers need to be aware of and what to watch out for. The 3D video production and course content was excellent and it was fully branded and tailored for British Gas. This product is being presented to all operational drivers. Ignition provided a very professional service, were very reactive to our needs and exceeded our expectations. We look forward to strengthening our relationship with Ignition.

Steve Pope : General Manager

Britain’s leading electrical wholesaler, City Electrical Factors (CEF), has appointed Ignition Risk Management Ltd to help improve the safety of its employees when they are on the road. Ignition RM has devised driver risk management and training programmes tailored specifically to the needs of CEF. These will enhance road safety appreciation among CEF staff, and help them to avoid accidents while driving. CEF has a network of 400 branches in the UK, twice as many as its closest competitor. Around 3,000 of its managers and employees drive for work, so keeping them safe and minimising road accidents is a top priority for CEF. Steve Pope, General Manager at CEF, says: “Customers and staff are our most important assets, and so encouraging safety in every aspect of our business, and particularly for our staff at work and on the road, is absolutely vital. We are working closely with Ignition to revise and update our driving policies and systems, together with our vehicle inspection process. The goal is to become an even safer company in everything we do.” CEF and Ignition share the objective to support and train drivers to be safe on the roads. Ignition RM has developed an online risk management product, called iFleet. Unlike traditional products, which provide a fixed set of questions to determine risk, iFleet allows companies to quickly and simply tailor assessment to their specific needs and objectives. This is a unique service in the UK fleet industry. The Ignition solution does not just address the requirements of today but the flexibility to address the challenges of tomorrow. Ignition RM is keen to build long-term working relationships with clients, providing a leading edge, flexible and bespoke service to help companies reduce risk, cut accident rates, reduce fuel consumption and improve driver training.

Michelle Ratcliffe : Company Secretary

Ignition has worked closely with Brookhouse Contracting to gain ISO9001 award from the BSI. Originally I was very sceptical whether the costs and the work involved would actually be worth the end result, Stephen took the time to sit and explain the benefits to our business of having a system. All the costs and work involved have been justified as the system is working well within our business and I am seeing improvements across many areas. Stephens previous experience in implementing the system to other companies within the same business field as our selves helped make the system relevant to what we do and the implementation very smooth. I found Stephen to be professional and easy to work with and would definitely recommend him to any other business who are looking to implement similar systems.

David Ireland : CEO

“Ignition rm have provided Midas training for the staff at Francis House Children’s Hospice.  Their method of training was user friendly but to a high standard and we would recommend them to other organisations.” Revd David Ireland, CEO Francis House Family Trust

David Grocott : Operations Director

“We have worked with Ignition for several months, we needed to quickly develop a driver training program which would reduce a spike we had seen in accident volumes. The Ignition team were extremely professional and flexible is helping deliver a solution which not only reduced accident volumes by 70% but also impressed our insurers with the detail and control behind the process the new driver training program gave us. Throughout the launch and delivery Ignition has been very involved in the stores understanding and ensuring the solution works for our business.” David Grocott – Operations Director

Steve Tomlinson : Director

CPEC Ltd have worked with Ignition on several occasions since 2010 and I have been extremely impressed with their professionalism, knowledge, experience and attention to detail. Ignition has become a tremendous asset to the company.  They have implemented a driver training policy for us, assisted with general management advice that included preparing local authority pre-qualification questionnaires. They are a pleasure to work with and extremely thorough in everything they do. They explain things in layman’s terms, which when you are discussing complex legislation that you are not familiar with is very important. I would have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending Ignition to any of my business associates.

Anne Rodger : Director

As a recruitment company, the majority of our staff are required to drive in the course of their work – mainly to visit clients, and all using their own vehicles. We attended an excellent course presented by Ignition and conducted as a “Mock Trial” based around a vehicle accident scenario.  From the course we realised the extent of our duty of care responsibilities and subsequently worked with Ignition to implement the changes to our systems and policies. Ignition have been a delight to work with. They have taken the time to understand our business, put together a simple yet comprehensive programme of actions, and have been on hand at every stage to support us through the process. They also delivered a memorable internal training session that went down extremely well with our staff. It could not have been easier – and far more cost effective than trying to put our own driver policy together with our limited expertise.

Andrew Fields : Group Director Risk Management & Compliance

I undertook a driver awareness training session with Ignition to evaluate their capability on behalf of my company. I was impressed with the professionalism of their trainer and pleased that some poor habits which I had picked up over 25 years of driving were identified, with practical suggestions about what I could do to improve.  I think that any business serious about improving driver competency would benefit from this type of course and I would recommend Ignition RM.

Ian Ashworth : Managing Director

Ignition have helped Networx3 Ltd improve the efficiency and effectiveness of it’s management systems. They provide a highly professional and flexible service and we are very pleased to be able to recommend them.

John Beston : Motor Fleet Manager

“Ignition are of great assistance in our commitment to improving the range and quality of the service we provide to our clients”

Michael Brandwood : Claims & Insurance Manager

I appointed Ignition in November 2014 and have worked closely with them to develop a tailored driver risk assessment and a number of bespoke driver training modules. The training video production was excellent and it created a system that felt like an ESH Group internal system rather than a bought in generic system. I have been very impressed with the system and we have worked together to produce an excellent solution that really meets our requirements. I have also been very impressed by the way the system is easily updated and modified as our requirements have changed. The customer service has been excellent and I highly recommend Ignition.