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Fleet risk management – Insurance for Insurers

Preventing incidents at work doesn’t only save lives, reputations and livelihoods. There’s a wider impact that affects many connected with the organisation – and that includes insurers. Organisations that take an active approach to their fleet risk management are safer organisations and for insurers that means fewer claims.

Working with Ignition

Ignition adds value by providing a complete range of fleet risk management services working with your clients to the highest standards of professional conduct and customer service.

Reduce Your Clients’ Fleet Risk

Ignition already works with top insurers to support their clients in developing and implementing fleet risk management systems that work. We adopt a flexible approach, working with our insurance partners to deliver efficient and effective fleet risk management services appropriate to each client’s needs. It’s an approach that has actively reduced risk within client organisations and helped our insurance partners keep their clients safe by reducing the potential for accidents – and claims.

AXA Insurance

Ignition is AXA’s bespoke fleet risk management partner, enhancing driver safety, compliance and peace of mind.

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