Electric Vehicle Training

EV Training

The aim of the course is to help drivers transition to electric vehicles safely, to understand the handling characteristics of electric vehicles and provide all the practical advice and guidance they need.

We tailor this course to the vehicles you operate and design the theory part of the course with you to ensure it is relevant and engaging to your drivers and focuses on the health and safety aspects of driving an EV.

During the theory part of the course we cover the technology, range anxiety, charging types, battery performance, battery damage, locating charging points and payment.


The on-road familiarisation includes:

  • Vehicle controls.
  • Displays specific to EV’s.
  • EV driving characteristics and pedestrian safety.
  • Maintaining charge while driving.
  • Regeneration of battery charge and we visit a charging point.

Prior to the course we conduct a vehicle check and driver eyesight and licence check.