Fleet Risk Services


Our Risk Management Services will Protect Your Business. Here’s How…

From initial consultancy to driver training and systems development, Ignition offers a full range of fleet risk management services. Click each link to find out more about which services are right for your organisation.


What works? What needs work? Ignition has a range of tools to determine where you are, were you need to be and the best course of action to help you get there. From gap analysis to ISO 45001 audit, our risk management services will make managing your risk simple, structured and sensible – so you stay safe and secure.

> Consultancy

Fleet Risk Workshops

Our workshops will help you build your fleet risk management culture and drive change in your organisation. The workshops will improve the knowledge of your drivers, providing them with the skills for improved road safety. Ignition Fleet Risk workshops are an excellent way of raising large scale awareness of risk management issues in a powerful, compelling way at the lowest possible cost.

> Fleet Risk Workshops

Driver Training

Whatever the make-up of your fleet, Ignition has the team to help improve your drivers’ performance and safety on the roads.

All our trainers are passionate about training and transforming attitudes to driving. They are all approved and enrolled on the Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Fleet Register and all have training qualifications and experience way beyond the requirements for the DVSA registration so you can be sure of their training credentials.

We can train your own fleet drivers to act as on-road assessors so you maintain standards, identify training needs early and clearly demonstrate your risk-consciousness.

> On-Road Driver Training

On-Line Driver Risk Assessment

Ignition has developed an online risk assessment that allows you to profile your drivers and identify who needs further training. By identifying high risk drivers, training can be focused where you will get maximum benefit reducing the cost, time and disruption to the business.

Our system is tailored to your organisational needs but is the same price or often less than an off-the-shelf-system.

> On-Line Driver Risk Assessment

Train Your Team

It’s like having Ignition’s fleet risk management services with you 24/7. We’ll train your people to assess your risk management systems and processes and take action to keep your organisation and its people safe. This will help you to achieve high standards of ongoing fleet risk management in your organisation, reducing accidents and driving down insurance premiums so that you can benefit from the cost savings.

> Train Your Team