Online Driver Risk Assessment

Ignition has developed a unique, simple online risk assessment that delivers better results for your organisation because it’s tailored to your organisation. Our system replaces the standard fixed set of questions that measure performance based upon a high, medium or low outcome. Instead, the Ignition online risk assessment allows you to quickly and simply tailor the assessment to your specific needs and generate a report of actions for each driver. It helps demonstrate your organisation’s commitment to fleet risk management, and makes training more productive and cost-effective by helping you target it more appropriately.

Benefits of the Ignition Risk Assessment System:

  • Questions are tailored specifically to your organisation;
  • Factors specific to car, van or LGV drivers can be assessed differently;
  • Costs are reduced as training is focused on those employees at higher risk or who lack understanding of your policies and procedures;
  • In the event of an incident the system helps demonstrate your duty of care compliance;
  • The system can also be used for any risk assessment or e-learning subject.

How Online Risk Assessment Works

  • We work with you to tailor the fleet risk assessment to the requirements, policies and procedures of your organisation
  • We host the system online, where your employees complete the assessment
  • The system generates a report based upon the performance of each driver including action points, tailored to the needs of the individual driver

For example, your organisation may have a driver policy document that employees are expected to read, understand and implement. We can assess their understanding by asking questions specific to the policy.

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