Fleet Risk Management

Why Fleet Risk Management Matters

"Car and van drivers who cover 25,000 miles a year as part of their job have the same risk of being killed at work as coal miners." - RoSPA

Protecting your organisation and its people from risk and danger is just one of your many responsibilities. With so many demands on your time it's all too easy to let fleet risk management slip. But...

  • What if one of your drivers was involved in an incident that resulted in damage, injury or death?
  • What if the vehicle they'd been driving was late for its annual service?
  • What if the driver had been trained to drive but not to properly load and unload the vehicle?
  • What if they were driving a work's vehicle in their own time?

Are you clear about where the responsibility would lie in all these examples?

An effective fleet risk management system in your organisation can help you:

  • Adhere to legislation
  • Reduce accidents involving your drivers
  • Reduce your insurance premiums
  • Protect your drivers and other road users

Start Reducing Your Fleet Risk

From online risk assessment to fleet driver training courses we'll help your organisation reduce its on-road risk.

Ignition hopes 'it will never happen to you'. But the sooner your organisation addresses its fleet risk management the sooner you'll be protected if it does.

The Law and You

Your fleet risk management responsibilities stem from legislation.

Click on the link to download your guide to the legislation that affects you.

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