Car/Van/LGV/Mini-bus Driver Training Courses

Real training in the live environment is training that sticks.

Ignition's driver training courses will improve the skills and understanding of your people – without taking them away from the day job.

En-route Van and LGV Driver Training Courses

Ignition can often train your drivers whilst they go about their daily work, which means:

  • Their training is in their usual vehicle on their usual routes
  • It's in the 'real world' not a driver training 'bubble'
  • We can work with them to reduce risk in all their duties (loading/unloading etc) not just driving
  • Every driver receives a practical understanding of what fleet risk management is about, which builds their engagement
  • There's no detriment to your business: no lost time, no cost of cover, no missed deliveries and no vehicles sat idle whilst your drivers are elsewhere. It's the perfect van and LGV driver training solution.

Driver Training Courses - Cars

Ignition's driver training courses for cars range from a one hour assessment to a full day, one-to-one, on-road course covering all aspects of safe and eco driving.

Driver Training Courses - Minibus

For our minibus driver training courses Ignition trainers will advise on the whole role – not just the driving elements of it.
We'll cover:

  • Your drivers' responsibilities to passengers
  • Seatbelt law
  • The limits of your drivers' responsibility

Start reducing your organisation’s exposure to road risk with Ignition’s driver training courses.

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