Fleet Risk Management Consultancy

Fleet Risk Management Protects...

...But what exactly does it protect you from?

It's easy to assume your business insurance will cover the costs associated with any accident involving your fleet vehicles. Insurance probably will cover the costs of any immediate physical damage and injury. But those immediate costs are just the tip of the iceberg. The hidden consequences of failing to recognise the importance of fleet risk management - and to mitigate risk - can be far greater.

Amongst the other, less obvious, effects of accidents involving your fleet are the following:

  • Lost time
  • Investigation costs
  • Production delays
  • Fines
  • Loss of contracts
  • Sick pay
  • Damage to staff morale
  • Claim excesses
  • Overtime payments
  • Cleanup costs
  • Damage to professional reputation

Meeting your fleet risk management requirements can save lives, time, reputation and money - and it doesn't have to be a painful experience. Ignition fleet risk management consultants work with organisations to help them meet their legal obligations, protect their people and their businesses, and put measures in place so that continually meeting those obligations becomes less of a chore and more a natural part of what you do.

Ignition Fleet Risk Management Consultants in Action

Here's an example of where simple checks (of the sort Ignition fleet risk management consultants would recommend) could help save lives, businesses and reputations:

Your LGV is parked for a delivery. The handbrake cable snaps and the vehicle rolls back, crushing the person stood behind it. Without an up to date service record, or any other evidence that the handbrake cable had been checked, you, as business owner, would be exposed to a charge of corporate manslaughter.
But with a proper fleet risk management system in place the handbrake cable would have been checked and a record of that check kept. This would make the cable less likely to fail in the first place, potentially saving a person's life. But even if the cable still failed, the evidence would show you had done all that could reasonably be expected, and you would escape liability.

Fleet risk management isn't about creating an extra level of bureaucracy that gets in the way of the day job. It's about taking real, practical steps to ensure that whilst your people are going about their work they're staying safe, protecting the public, protecting the business and protecting you.

Fleet risk management protects. If you feel your business could be exposed, or could do more, talk to an Ignition fleet risk management consultant today on 0845 313 8383.

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