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Ignition began in 1991 with two very clear goals.

One goal was to address an urgent need for organisations to tighten their risk management procedures to protect against risk, liability and prosecution. The other was to improve standard of driving and save lives.

Ignition's motor fleet risk advisors have now helped hundreds of organisations to achieve their fleet risk management objectives and the passion remains as great as ever to continue reducing risk and improving standards.

Stephen Raine is an experienced and successful change manager. His first senior role was as Major Accounts Manager for ICL. From there he moved to be Head of Management Services for a major construction company.

He applied his skills to senior business consultancy work with Ignition and since then the Company's fleet risk advisors have helped hundreds of organisations to better manage change - especially the change to a risk-aware culture.

"We're not about exposing problems associated with risk and then leaving our clients to fend for themselves. With Ignition that's not the end of the process; it's the start.

"We put processes in place that solve problems. Often we've found solutions before a client has been aware of the problem in the first place."

Steve - April 2010

Steve Raine
Ignition: Switched on risk management.
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